Storywood Digital Media (P) Ltd, which owns the news portal NEWSRUPT is a company established by journalists and entrepreneurs who are keen to adhere to the time tested ethical values of journalism. The news portal seeks to make use of the best of new media technology to disseminate news and opinions in text, video and graphical formats.

We will use the best of technology, but only till the point where it helps us to narrate the stories around us in a better way.

We believe and stands for the rights of the people at large to get unadulterated news that is happening across the globe. Our vision will be to think globally even while delivering the news locally. We know that there is no such thing as perfectly neutral. We all are influenced by the socio and political changes that are the sweeping the world. But we view the world through a prism of grass root democratic values.

Newsrupt believes in the right of every human being to have a decent and unexploited life. We will deliberately seek to distance ourselves from different ideological persuasions that are vying for domination, even when we maintain our unwavering commitment to the modern values of democracy secularism and anti –imperialist values. To imbibe democratic values means to be gender sensitive. Our endeavor would always be to stand by the rights of women. We understand that the fight against patriarchy is an important for deepening democracy.

We view development in a holistic manner. We understand development as the overall enhancement of the life style of all people. It has now been proven that growth alone won’t ensure development. Environmental degradation as a result of the growth based economic policies have made the lives of the marginalized section more precarious. We will stand against unbridled environmental degradation and seek to protect ecological balance.

We draw our professional ethical values from the various socio -political movements that continue to strive to make the world a more equitable and democratic place to live.

We value the various shreds of anti -colonial movement that helped India to fight against the colonial stranglehold. We believe that fight is still being fought. We believe that the socio- political messages that these movements gave before the transfer of power still holds true as the core values of the Constitutions continues to be under attack by some obscure forces masquerading as political and socio cultural movements.

We believe there are scope for dissent always. Democracy without dissent is a misnomer. Our media platform, even while unabashedly adhering to the values mentioned above will be a place where divergent views find place.

Everyone has the right to live, this we at Newsrupt think would be achieved by continuously struggling to have more equitable society. We shall oblige by this philosophy.

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