M P Basheer, CEO and Editor in Chief

In his career spanning more than two decades, M P Basheer worked in print and television before shifting to digital platform. Worked in various capacities from reporter to editor, Basheer’s forte has always been reporting; that too the Left and minority politics. His stint at Indiavision, as Executive Editor, was eventful in Malayalam journalism. When the digital media came calling, Basheer co-founded SouthLive, a digital news platform in Malayalam and English. Now he spends more time to fathom the new methods of storytelling in digital media

NK Bhoopesh, Executive Editor

In his almost two decades in journalism, Bhoopesh worked in print visual and digital media. Apart from his routine job as an editor he used to comment on current affairs in various publications in Malayalam and English. He worked Madhyamam, Kairali TV, India Vision and Tehelka before leading the English division of SouthLive

CP Sathiaraj, Associate Editor

Before helming the desk at Southlive, Sathiaraj worked in print and visual media in various capacities. Odd man out among his peers, Sathiraj is noted for his ability to dovetail his deep understanding of history with sense of humour to explain current affairs. His socio political satire programme Politrics, aired during his India Vision days was noted for its sharpness and objectivity.

Renjima R, Chief Sub Editor

Renjima always loves to tell a tale. Before venturing into digital media she used to tell stories through visual media. Her long days in reporting have not doused her spirit to tell the stories that usually do not get attention in the mainstream print and visual media. Currently she is engaged more in exploring the innovative methods of storytelling.

Sikesh Gopinath, Chief Sub Editor

A creative writer at heart Sikesh Gopinath maintains a fine balance when it comes to writing about earthly matters. A poet among the journalist Sikesh uses his language proficiency to the hilt when he writes about the marginalised. He has published short stories in Malayalam and is frequent debater on social media

Nizam Chemmad, Senior Sub Editor

A journalist who writes in both English and Malayalam, Nizam has hands on experience about West Asia. Having studied in Turkey, he understands the intricacies of West Asian politics with more clarity. Before venturing into digital media, Nizam was with Tehelka and SoutLive’s English division.

Shyama Sadanandan, Sub Editor

Starting her career in visual media, Shyama’s was engaged in business journalism apart from anchoring news bulletins. As a desk person she deftly handles copies ranging from international matters to local issues. Even then she writes about food and beverages with great ease.

Rycard Appu George, Sub Editor

As the name suggests Rycard loves to tell and write about football. Journalist with deep political convictions his football commentaries are laden with the politics involving competing teams. At Newsrupt he is engrossed in identifying new methods to interact with his readers with his incisive reports.

Albin M.U, Sub Editor

Politics is Albin’s forte. His political sensibility helps him identify new emerging socio political movements among the marginal communities. His understanding in law and constitution helps him place the stories more comprehensively. As a prolific commentator on social media, he always maintains a better nose to discern the real meaning and impact of social media debates.

Nimisha Tom, Reporter

Nimisha loves to report about the people who live in the margins. As a professionally trained visual media journalist Nimisha has done documentaries which have effectively questioned the mainstream narratives about Kerala model of development. Before NEWSRUPT, Nimisha worked at DoolNews.

Anurag PP, Graphic Designer

Trained as journalist Anurag does Graphic Designing at NEWSRUPT. An emerging artist Anurag’s caricatures and drawings used to get featured in mainstream Malayalam publications. A graduate in Psychology, Anurag’s illustrations brings to the fore the complexities of human mind and relations.


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